The Seal of the Empire


The First Acturian Empire is the galaxy-spanning empire forged by humans in the 22nd century. It was founded by Acturius I the Prime, in the year 2019, following The Great Epoch. After 15,000 years, it still controls millions of planets, some which have long ago been lifeless. The Empire is unified by obedience to the Emperor, millitarism and the threat of brutal punishment for disobedience. The planets of the Empire vary greatly. Some have ecosystems similar to those of Earth, whereas others are freakishly different.

Soem worlds of the Empire are at the peak of technology, while others can be compared to a "pre-technological Earth". These planets have not seen imperial agents in millenia, to the point that agents of the Empire are considered gods due to their astronomically superior technology.


The First Acturian Empire was founded on December 22, 2019 by Acturius I the Prime, after the Earth was subjected to The Great Epoch. The Epoch came unexpectedly to the Earth, and erased data stored on computers, making Earth descend into chaos. Earth was a living pyre, mainly because of all the battles that broke out between countries for food and water. These battles are known as the Second Seven-Year Wars. After the wars ended, Acturius I came forth from the shadows, unifying the population of Earth with promisies of a better future and of technological advance beyond their wildest dreams. The Earth accepted. So began the Empire.

Hiearchy of the EmpireEdit

The Empire has six arms, each designed to run the Empire as efficiently as possible:

Administratium ActuriaEdit

The Administratium Acturia is responsible for all the bureocratic duties of the Empire. From planetary taxes to titan requisitioning, the AA is in charge of it all. Given the astronomical size of the Empire, it is estimated that it has over 538 billion employees spread over imperial terriroty. Its center of operations is in Terra, the mother planet of the Empire. The Administratium is overseen by the Grand Council, the highest body of authority excluding the Inquisition and the Emperor.

The MilliteriumEdit

The Milliterium is the body in charge of the Empire's vast millitary. It carries out the logistic of planetary quotas, troop movement and troop deployment. Its center of command is on the planet Semper I in the Dekoan System. Its leader is known as the Grand War Marshal.

The Milliterium itself comprises of three main corps:

  • Corpo Ordo: Corpo Ordo is the law enforcement department of the Milliterium. It is in charge of keeping the general populace in check. They are essencially the Empire's police force, and its agents are called "cops" or "law enforcement officers" to keep things simple.. The Corpo Ordo presence in each planet varies because the planet is responsible for funding the Corpo Ordo, not the Empire. Thus, some Corpo Ordo chapters are better equipped than others.
  • Corpo Invasoria: Corpo Invasoria is the invasory arm of the millitarium. It is responsible for aquiring new planets for the Empire to control. Officers of the Corpo Invasoria are some of the most well equipped warriors in the galaxy. Corpo Invasoria has strong presence in key strategic points of the galaxy but regiments are spread across the Empire's territory.
  • Corpo Psychi: Corpo Psychi is the home of the "Psychers", a rare group of human beings blessed with strong mental power. They often use their powers to torment their enemies, reducing their overall battle effectiveness. The strongest psychers can even enslave their enemies, making them a valuable asset to the Empire's war machine. Psychers are usually found alongside CI agents.

Ecclesia ActuriasEdit

The Ecclesia Acturias is the official church of the Empire. It teaches the spiritual foundation that the Emperor is a living god. It is responsible for keeping the religious devotion that the many citizens of the Empire have satisfied. Its leader is the Ecclesiarch. It constantly sends missionaries and warrior priestesses across the Empire to teach its citizens. The "Suprema Ecclesia", the center of opperations of the Ecclesia Acturias is located on Terra.

The Ecclesia Acturias has two main arms:

  • Sisters of Battle: The Sisters of Battle are warrior priestesses that are sent across the galaxy with the mission of spreading the teachings of the Emperor being a living god to all territories under Empire jurisdiction. They usually engage in benevolent deeds, such as helping the poor and tending to the sick. They are in charge of the maintenance of hospitals and clinics. However, when duty calls, they become ruthless warriors that destroy everything in their way until all heresy is obliterated.
  • Confessors: Confessors are priests of the Ecclesia Acturias. They are responsible for the maintenance of Ecclesias on all planets under Empire jurisdiction. They are responsible of finding and dealing with heretics, or people who are a threat to the integrity of the Ecclesia Acturias.

Assasinoria ImperiaEdit

The Assasinoria Imperia is responsible for the assasination of any individual targets that stand in the way of the Empire and its goals. The veteran assasins are so highly skilled that the Assasinoria can assign them to 1000 targets and the assasin can handle them in less than a day. The Inquisitia Acturia and the Milliterium lead this body. The Assasinoria does not have a set center of operations.

Inquisitia ActuriaEdit

The Inquisitia Acturia, also known as the Inquisition, is the body reponsible for finding and removing any threats to the Empire. The Inquisition's jurisdiction is almighty. Each Inquisitor, or agent of the Inquisition, is given a seal which allows him or her to command any imperial resource for any task they see as important to the intergrity of the Empire. All Inquisititors are hand-picked by the Emperor from all arms of government, except the Mechanias Imperia. The leader of the Inquisition is the Grand Inquisitor. The Inquisition's center of operations in unknown to all except Inquisitors and the Emperor himself.

The Inquisitia Acturia is divided into three orders:

  • Ordo Mallea: Ordo Mallea is the entry-level order of the Inquisition. All recently appointed Inquisitors are in this order. Ordo Mallea is responsible for surveying plaents for general threats to the Empire.
  • Ordo Xenos: Ordo Xenos is the second order of the Inquisition. Inquisitors in this order are ususally those who have held their positions for at least 20 years. Ordo Xenos is responsible for keeping the existence of Tomes and Relics secret, as well as finding them and storing them for use by the Empire.
  • Ordo Sanctis: Ordo Sanctis is a special order of Inquisitors. These Inquisitors are hand-picked by all other Inquisitors as the investigatory body of the Inquisitia. Ordo Sanctis is responsible for the validation of actions carried out by Inquisitioners. They are responsible for immediately removing all corrupt Inquisitors from duty, permanently.

Mechanias Scienti ImperiaEdit

The Mechanias Imperia is the institution in charge of the technology which fuels the empire. They are in charge of all of the forge worlds and factory planets under Empire jurisdiction. They also carry out all research in regards to weapons and armors for the Empire. All members of this body are required to have extensive scientific knowledge. The leader of this organization is known as the Grand Megineer. The Mechanias is located in Surt VI, the biggest factory planet in Empire territory.

Restlessness in the EmpireEdit

Not everything is what it seems. In reality, the Empire is tearing itself from the inside out. Many rumors are being spread thoughout the Empire's vast territories. It is believed that certain factions have formed an alliance in order to combat the Empire. Furthermore, it is believed that spies from these factions are in the ranks of the Empire, waiting for the right time to commence their attack.

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