SuperNova, Space Art

An artist's depiction of The Great Epoch

The Occurence:Edit

The Great Epoch is the oldest cosmological event in the galaxy. Not much is known about it, except what was discovered by the Mecanias Scienti Imperia, the Empire's scientific consortium. According to its findings, the Epoch was the explosion of a primordial black hole causing a chain reaction across the entire galaxy, eventually covering vast regions of the galaxy in clouds of Electromagnetic Pulses or EMP, as well as vast amounts of radiation.

Due to the EMP clouds, all information that existed on the vast majority of the galaxy before that period of time was completely lost.


The causes of The Great Epoch are very unclear. Even though the ICS stated that the cause for the Epoch was "the natural order of processes in the universe", there are many skeptics. There are many theories, but what most of these people have in common is that they believe that the Epoch was caused not by nature, but by something else.

Neuroelectric Memory Imprint Theory:Edit

The clouds of EMP that were created as a result of the Epoch gained an incredible amount of what are called neuroelectrical imprints. Neuroelectrical imprints are thoughts, stripped down to the most essential form. Although most of the clouds have dissipated at present time, there are signs that some still exist. These remains are called epochial remnants. NMI Theory suggests that if someone entered one of these remnants, there is a chance that they can end up receiving these neuroelectrical imprints, effectively getting random memories of the "pre-universe." Of course, the theory was never tested because the Mecanias Scientia Acturia stated that NMI Theory is unlikely to be true and that anyone that enters an epochial remnant will die immediately due to excessive amounts of radiation.

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