Weapons are tools used to apply force for the purpose of causing harm or damage to persons, animals or structures. There are different weapon technologies in the galaxy. Some require special permits while others can just be bought at a weapon store.

Weapon TechnologyEdit

These are the current weapon technologies that are avaliable for use:

  • Plasma Technology: Plasma technology is the technology that employs the use of the fourth state of matter, plasma. Plasma technology is the standard weapons technology. Plasma technology can be found in plasma swords, plasma pistols and other weapons.
  • Particle Technology: Particle technology is the technology that employs the use of particle accelerators to thrust particles into targets. This is one of the technologies used by the Milliterium for special operations. Particulate Load Weapons are examples of weapons that use this technology.
  • Sonic Technology: Sonic technology employs the use of sound. This technology is used in sentry posts and Warfists, used by commanders of the Corpo Invasoria.
  • Primitive Technology: Primitive technology is the standard "gun and bullets" technology. It is used mainly by rebels because they cannot afford standard weaponry.

Superior Weapon TechnologyEdit

There are weapons technologies so deadly, that their use is prohibited

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