White Lotus Tile

Seal of the White Lotus Faction


The White Lotus Faction was founded in the year 3012 by Harly Swarz. It is a secret organization whose sole mission is to reveal the truth about the Empire's evil nature to its citizens. It is rumored that the White Lotus Faction has sympathizers from every walk of life.


Swarz was originaly an Inquisitor in the Ordo Zenom, and was investigation a possible attempt at treason by the planetary governor in charge of the Syrus V system.

Just before he went to the system, however, his ship's science officer picked up a strange emmisions on radar. They could tell the emmisions were electromagnetic, but they could not anything else. Swarz was intrigued, so he decided to have his ship go closer to the source of the emissions. When the ship had gone as close as it could without getting harmed, Swarz headed to the observation deck of his ship. When he got there, he was shocked at what he saw. It was a large cloud of electromagnetic pulses, by the look of it. It was at least 10 times the size of his vessel. He then remembered having been briefed about epochial remnants. His superiors said that they were extremely dangerous and that their location must be doucmented so that the surroundings of the remnant could be declared restricted space.

Just as Swarz's men finished documenting the location of the remnant, something unexpected occur. The remnant started moving. It moved very quickly towards the Swarz's ship. Swarz gave the order to enter warp speed, but just before the order could be carried out, the remnant slammed into the ship, disabling all power and killing the vast majority of his crew on contact, due to the remnant's ability to go through walls. As the remnant engulfed the rest of his crew, he tried to escape using one of the escape pods, but to no avail. The remnant finally got to him. His mind was going blank, his body losing strength, he thought he was surely dying. His inquisitorial armor saved him from instant death, but alas, it was only delaying the inevitable in his mind. He went unconscious moments after.

When Swarz opened his eyes again, he was surprised. He thought that he had died, yet there he was. But what was most surprising was the location in which he was. He saw many people, most in clothes that Swarz had only read of in history books. According to the signs that he saw, they were celebrating the "4th of July". Swarz did not understand. He then saw other signs that said "Independence Day". He saw how happy these people were, celebrating "independence". This word did not exist in the imperial dicitonary, but it must have had a good connotation. After thinking that, he saw another glimpse of the past. He continued seeing these glimpses until he was ressucitated by a team of Sisters. He asked one of the Sisters how long he had been unconscious. The Sister told him that he was out for more than two days. It was really a miracle that he was alive at this moment.

Swarz was a changed man after all that he saw. He was no longer confined to what he had been taught to believe. He knew that the way people were living was not the right way, and that the Emperor was not really who he said he was. He had to tell the people. He had to create change.

When he told the other Inquisitors of his discoveries, they concluded that he had gone mad. They put a death warrant on his head, forcing him to flee. Before fleeing, he swore that he would reveal the truth to the Empire and set them free. In hiding, he used the resources that were not seized by the Empire to fuel an underground movement to reveal the truth to the Empire's citizens.

"As the truth sets us free, our spirit is made perfect and our mind is made clear, free from the cell of submission and falsehood. So is the white lotus, and so am I"

- Harly Swarz

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